Used trishaws for sale

In this section we help affiliates advertise their used trishaws for sale. Chapters often wish to sell one or more trishaws if they want to consolidate on one model, or one motor type or size, which will make it easier to train pilots. Contact us if you want to sell your trishaw. Cycling Without Age is not part of the transaction between buyer and seller.

Danmark: 3 Triobikes

Danmark: 2 Christiania Bikes

Sælger: Cykling uden alder (CWA Denmark)
Adresse: København
Kontakt: Søren Steffensen, tlf. 20 76 29 79

SOLGT – Dragør, Christiania S-Box

Pris: 15.999 kr.
Sælger: Cykling uden alder, Dragør
Adresse: Dragør
Kontakt: Lise Hellborn, tlf. 22 46 32 42


Seller: Bike Newport, Newport RI
Contact: Bari Freeman, (401) 619-4900

Model: Triobike mid-drive Brose, 90 Nm, 250W, 501 Wh battery.
BRAND NEW still in original shipping packaging.
Current list price: $11,350 plus overseas shipping.
Price: $10,440 plus shipping from Newport, RI.