How do I finance my trishaw?

Q: How do I finance my trishaw?

The over 1,000 trishaws currently in operation in the Cycling Without Age program in over 25 countries are financed in a number of different ways. These are some examples and some a mixtures of these means.

  • Municipalities. Some municipalities have means to fund a municipality/county wide program with 1-10 trishaws. This is quite common in countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
  • Nursing homes. Mainly privately-owned nursing homes and sometimes nursing homes that are part of a group of nursing homes.
  • Foundations. In most countries there are literally thousands of foundations supporting worthy causes such as Cycling Without Age. They range from small local foundation with very specific purposes to national (or international) foundations with means to support larger causes. A great is example is TrygFonden (Tryg Foundation) in Denmark. They support Cycling Without Age on a Danish national level as well as individual chapters with trishaw grants.
  • Private companies. Many companies have social programs allowing them to donate their time, money or products to good causes. We are working with global companies Zendesk and Salesforce on trishaw donations as well as a series of local companies and businesses around the world. We encourage you to reach out to local companies with a strong community support and engagement profile.
  • Crowdfunding. We have seen both successful and unsuccessful crowdfunding efforts. Our first experiment with crowdfunding took place in 2015 with the ‘Bikes for the world’ campaign. If you wish to fundraise locally, please feel free to borrow content from previous fundraisers.
  • Personal funding. We have seen committed individuals acquiring trishaws with their own money in order to kick-start the program. In some cases these individuals subsequently fundraise for the trikes and donate them to a nursing home or establish a charity to own the bike. In some cases they sell the bikes on to local nursing homes. We encourage affiliates to use our global network to crowdsource ideas and experiences.