Some tips for a cold day

How to keep warm during a bike ride

Cycling is a year-round activity. Below, you will find some tips for how to stay warm and comfortable on a cold day.

Keep passengers’ hands warm inside a knitted, homemade muff.

Fill a container with 2 or 5 litres of hot water, and put it under the seat or by the passenger’s feet.

A 20-30 minute bike ride allows for some wind in one’s hair and the refreshed feeling of spending time outdoors.

Keep warm in a Duffel blanket

This is in fact similar to a bag with warm and wool-like lining, for your passengers to sit on. A zipper can be used to wrap up warm, and  a soft handwarmer has also been stitched on.

Now you are ready to experience wintertime biking, in all kinds of temperatures.

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