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Starting a chapter in your local community

Getting started with a Cycling Without Age chapter is an amazing experience. Nothing beats witnessing the joy of the elderly, pilots and personnel interact on and around the trishaw and seeing the smiles of passengers coming back from their first ride with wind in their hair, rosy cheeks and full of stories. We love to experience the movement of Cycling Without Age spreading all over the world and always welcome more to join.

We have launched a simple Affiliate model for communities, nursing homes, cities and individuals worldwide to become part of the movement. We already have a wealth of experience in working with nursing home staff and management, city councils, other volunteer organizations, cyclists federations as well as great ideas of how to get the initiative off the ground and locals excited.


Find out how it all started in Copenhagen


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As of March 2019

  • Invented in 2012 in Copenhagen
  • Represented in 42 countries worldwide
  • 1,643 chapter locations
  • 2,200 trishaws
  • 29,270 trained cycle pilots
  • 114,000 people served
  • Oldest pilot is 90 (Jørgen Hass, Denmark) and oldest passenger 107 (Madam Yeo Iu, Singapore)
  • Our trishaws cycle 2.8 million km a year or 70 times around the world

Visiting Copenhagen? Join us for a ride

The Grey Escape

By Michael Dorgan, Director/Producer at Go Forth Films

Lean back and enjoy The Grey Escape, a half hour documentary about a life-changing 4-day journey in which twenty elderly people deliver trishaws from Denmark to Norway. Use it professionally, use it at your fundraisers, watch it with future passengers, rock up your community – or just watch it for your own pleasure.

Thorkild and Ole

Meet Fraser and Mary from Scotland

BBC South News in Brighton

“It’s living again”

Never too old to “get on your bike”

Everyone A Changemaker

Great Big Story

Pilot and passenger story
“My name is Anne Louise Birgitte Karen Schmeltzer Dybkjær Abildtrup”

World Economic Forum

Rapid City, South Dakota

Passenger story
Kathleen Bold: “I think it’s wonderful.”
What’s your favourite thing about riding?
“The speed (laughter) and the fun we’ve had. Seeing the young kids, Waving at people as they walk by. But the nature part – our parks are so beautiful. It’s a pretty smooth ride.”

“There will always be someone who needs a ride”

Working with the Sustainable Development Goals

Find out how Cycling Without Age works with the global goals for sustainable development.

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