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Now is your chance to get a real Cycling Without Age experience. We are more than happy to come out to your company or university to make workshops or tell the inspiriting story of Cycling Without Age, our values, how we have grown and how your self can do a difference in your local neighborhood. We arrange day trips with elderlies in collaboration with school classes and even excursions for delegations to hear and experience what Danish bicycling culture are all about.

Read more below and book your tour by contacting us directly:

The Danish bicycling culture tour

1 day: 1690 EUR / 2,000 USD / 12,000 DKK

For up to 20 persons on own bikes. 9am-5pm

We take a tour around Copenhagen where we visit Christiania, meet the people who build the first ever rickshaw, hear about Danish and international bicycling culture and where it is heading in the future. We go to the local shops who are fighting against food waist to hear about their concept and pick up the food our selves from the shops and from locations around Copenhagen. We go to Nordhavn where we can take a swim in the harbour to collect muscles and together we cook a delicious meal while we hear innovative companies talk about their take on green mobility.

AirBnB Tour

3 hours

Book your tour directly on AirBnB to get a real Cycling Without Age experience. We go on our trishaws in a group of up to 6 persons. You get to learn how to ride the trishaw and you learn more about Cycling Without Age and how you can become part of our world wide organization while we discover the hidden gems of Copenhagen.

Workshop / Presentation

3000 DKK for 3 hours + transportation

1-3 hours

We share the inspiriting story of Cycling Without Age, our values, how we have grown and how your self can do a difference in your local neighborhood. Work with your own values and create new ideas to how you can solve loneliness or work with other aspects.

Flying Take Off

2 days: 4,500 EUR / 5,000 USD / 33,000 DKK

A great way to get a flying takeoff is to invite and involve one or two experienced instructors from Cycling Without Age in Copenhagen. We will work with you to plan and execute your takeoff, help you identify relevant stakeholders from civil society and inspire them with workshops, talks and bike rides.

Each takeoff is based on best practice gathered from over 200 takeoff events worldwide, but tailored to each individual chapter’s needs. Our aim is to help you get the best possible start to your program, to tap into the wealth of experience and to facilitate for your chapter to come up with your unique innovations, which can be shared with our global community.

The cost of a takeoff event is 5,000 USD for a 2-day event + travel and accommodation.

Please note that these prices do not include trishaws.

Learn more about recent takeoffs from the press

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West Hartford Community Television: Mayor’s Report (September 2015)

North Word News: Cycling without age visits Sea Cliff; Rickshaw program liberates and connects. See event poster below.


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