Brand Book

Our identity affects how people think and feel about Cycling Without Age and is largely formed by what we do – improving the lives of elderly people making nursing homes a place of joy and continued mobility.

As an ambassador you are the keeper of our brand. Your actions and stories make it flourish. We created this Brand Book as a guide and inspiration for you in your daily work. It helps us as a community to communicate a clear and strong message.

The Brand Book will also provide you with a name guide, logos, font types and a detailed guide to the correct usage of all the Cycling Without Age brand elements.

Download the latest version of the Brand Book here: Cycling Without Age Brand Book dated Nov. 2019.

We currently don’t have an online webshop, but we encourage you to access graphics, artwork, and templates in our Podio collaboration workspace.

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Download our font
CWA font TacaPro

Download our logo
Cycling Without Age Logos (various languages, updated in May 2023)

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