It’s Party Time!

Hello all CWA’s!

It’s time to pick up your best party outfit from the dry cleaners, because next year you’ll be cozying up to all the other CWA’s in the Danish hub in Copenhagen – the coolest bicycle capital of the world!

The specific dates are the 20th – 22nd of June 2016, and we can’t wait to see you.

What’s the occasion you ask?

Well, only that we have a lot to celebrate – particularly the many great efforts from all of your around the world, and of course the increasing success of CWA.

We encourage you all to participate, and perhaps fundraise together for the trip, and hope to see representatives and delegation from all local teams – let’s cultivate our mutual international network, share our stories, build relations, and inspire each other!

More info on speaker, keynotes and activities will follow as we approach the date.

From all of us at CWA.


One thought on “It’s Party Time!

  1. As a member of CWANijmegen pioneers, I would like to get more information on the CWA party in Kopenhagen next summer. If possible I would like to attend this event. A nice occasion also to make a bike trip from Nijmegen to Kopenhagen.
    So, let me know if your preparation is in advance.

    Friendly regards,

    Huub Mares,

    Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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